I+N Festival Courts Queer / I+N Short Film Fest


I+N FCQSFF, Canada’s first queer short film festival is an event wholly dedicated to short films and filmmakers from here and around the globe; championing the form and its creative potential. The unsung heroes of image making, for us at I+N FCQSFF, a short stands at the nexus of storytelling – the germination of ideas meeting the moving image. We believe that shorts are more than calling cards for a director’s first feature film, a short represents a moment, a thought, an intricately woven capsule of time.

I+N FCQSFF is dedicated to elevating and promoting the talents of the queer short filmmaking community through diverse programming and networking activities that offer emerging professionals the opportunity to connect to a broader audience.

I+N FCQSFF is one of the initiatives from our new brand, image+nation culture queer, expanding our scope – more stories, more ways of telling stories, more voices to be seen and heard.