I+N Festival Courts Queer / I+N Short Film Fest


I+N FCQSFF was born from our love of the short film form. The unsung heroes of image making, a short stands at the nexus of storytelling – the germination of ideas meeting the moving image. Shorts are more than calling cards for a  director’s first feature film, a short represents a moment, a thought, an intricately woven capsule of time.

I+N FCQSFF also allows us to encourage emerging and established storytellers by creating spaces for collaboration, connection and exchange through the image+nation virtual gathering space.

No. I+N FCQSFF has a ”pay what you can policy”. We encourage and support the remarkable filmmakers who tell our stories while believing that art should be accessible and affordable for all. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. We believe that artists should be paid for their work and a donation of any size will help ensure the support of our creators.

While image+nation, festival film LGBTQueer Montréal, the annual 11-day event has traditionally included thematic shorts programming with each edition, I+N FCQSFF is a festival wholly dedicated to short films and filmmakers from here and around the globe, championing the form and its creative potential. I+N FCQSFF offers opportunities for discovery of the unique, authentic and diverse voices of storytellers from here and around the world.

Everyone! I+N FCQSFF is available across Canada, all you need is an internet connection. We encourage you to watch and share these visual delights with your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones.

As of June 13th to June 16th Midnight, 2024,  films will be available to watch HERE